About Ice Coaching Elite

To begin skating you have a choice of coming along to our SkateUK classes or have private lessons with one of our Ice Coaching Elite (ICE) coaches.

SkateUK details can be found at www.learntoskate.co.uk

Take your time choosing the best ICE coach for yourself, as they will be more than just a teacher: he or she will be your mentor, guide, and role model. ICE have several coaches to choose from, first decide what kind of skater you wish you to become: do you want to be a serious competitive skater, a semi-serious recreational skater, or just skate for fun? We will have a coach for you!

ICE coaches are all qualified NISA licensed coaches graded from level 1 to 5.

Level 1 – Trainee coach
Level 2 – Qualified coach
Level 3 – Performance coach
Level 4 – Performance coach
Level 5 – Performance coach

Throughout the year ICE have Spring & Summer Skate Camps combining on and off ice training both important to skater development, ICE are also active with the production of shows and gala's.

If you wish to find out about SkateUK, private lessons, camp or shows or have more questions about Ice Coaching Elite just contact us


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